we provide services in the following areas:

  • Housing Development & Project Management
  • Co-operative Development
  • Community Economic Development
  • Housing Development & Project Management
  • Co-Housing Development
  • Community Development
  • Research and Planning
  • Publications

Communitas specializes in involving the end user in the development process. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain our community roots, to work with individuals and organizations to foster inclusive participation in the design and implementation of their projects.

Our sustainable design philosophy extends to the cultural, community and built environments. In particular, through exposure to our expertise and history, our housing co-operative clients have embraced a holistic approach to sustainable design which includes optimizing their building design from a life cycle cost perspective, which logically results in high performance buildings which are low cost and low maintenance.

A few of our accomplishments

  • Facilitated the development of over 65 non-equity affordable housing co-operatives and home-ownership co-operatives since 1975
  • Created the legal and organizational framework for the development of home-ownership co-operatives in Alberta (including participating in the amendments to the Cooperatives Act - Alberta)
  • Introduced the concept of "green loans" to Alberta in 1999
  • Facilitated the development of the 1st "green" high-rise in Alberta in 1999 (Grandin Green [home-ownership co-op])
  • Assisted in the development of the Women Building Futures Society in 1998, a Social Purpose Organization (SPO) providing trades training and other services for women
  • Assisted in the development of Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op, a workers co-operative which provides services and programs that enhance the health and well-being of immigrant families, and foster their efforts at building community
  • Assisted in the creation of the Alberta Rhodiola Rosea Growers Organization (ARRGO), a new generation cooperative in 1997, one of only a very few organizations of Rhodiola rosea growers in the world.