With over 30 years of personal experience with a diverse range of client needs and dreams, including housing project development, setting up worker co-ops and policy research and development, the depth of skills, knowledge and experience is matched only by the passion and commitment we bring to the table.

Our Team

Lynn Hannley

Lynn is the Managing Director and founder. She has been directly or indirectly involved with every project that Communitas has undertaken. Her hands on style and empowering philosophy underlie all her interactions with clients. Her many areas of expertise include financial analysis, project planning, marketing analysis, housing policy research and development, development of legal and incorporation frameworks, adult education, community economic development, and research in the fields of housing, education, community and community economic development, health systems and social programs and policies.

Lynn has served on a variety of Boards of Directors including:

  • the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada,
  • Capital City Savings and Credit Union (Servus),
  • the Edmonton Task Force on Homelessness (a joint task force of the City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta, Home-Ed and the Edmonton Joint Planning Committee on Housing Research)

She along with colleagues Tom Forgrave and Rick Beaupre, prepared the first Edmonton Community Plan on Housing and Homelessness in 2000.

She is also a published author in areas such as housing, land use, co-operatives and social policy matters.

Lynn has been recognized as an active voice for affordable housing in Canada. Her awards include:

  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Award for outstanding contribution to co-operative housing (1993)
  • Graham Emslie Award for Contribution to Housing and Community Development Issues from Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (1996)
  • Alberta Co-operative Merit Award from the Alberta Co-operative Council and the Alberta Municipal Affairs ( 1998)
  • Homeward Trust Edmonton ROOPH (Recognizing Outstanding Organizations and People in Housing) Larry Schaben Award for Outstanding Leadership (2016)

Brian Scott

Brian is the Marketing, Technology and Research Director. Since 1982, he has worked with clients to help them develop the cultural and community structures, understandings and skill sets required to properly manage their communities. His expertise includes financial analysis and facilitation of environmental  “green” building design, construction and financing. He serves as project manager for the client, helping navigate the various steps and stages of their project's development and acting as a translator for the client's interactions with the architects, engineers, contractors and trades during the design, development and construction stages of housing development. Brian is responsible for the technical research and development programs for building design and environmental quality. Brian also develops and delivers workshops and training modules in the development stage. Having lived in a housing co-op most of his adult life during which time he was active either as a director or chairperson of a committee, Brian matches his passion for good design and sustainable communities with a significant depth of hands on lived experience.


Pam is the Manager of Development  and Finance and provides expertise in financial planning, administration and coordination for Communitas projects and its associated companies. She provides mortgage administration on multi-family housing projects, prepares financial statements and corporate tax returns and prepares and delivers financial management workshops. Pam is responsible for financial management services for 33 corporations. Currently Pam is Chair of the Risk Underwriting Fund board for the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada and sits on the CASA Housing Services, Inc. board.

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