Details of Research & Planning Services

Specific research and planning projects are undertaken by Communitas. This research may be initiated by community groups, by Communitas staff and associates, or done under contract to governments and other organizations, or is directed to assist other Communitas program areas.  Communitas staff and associates will undertake research projects in the areas of housing, land use, land controls, environmental impacts, planning law, community social services, community planning, social impact studies, community education, recreation, health care services, and communication. In addition, Communitas provides consulting services in the area of public policy development. The following are examples of the type of  projects Communitas has been involved in:

  • Boyle Street Community Services, Housing First/Wrap Around Service, March 2006
  • The Harm Reduction Model & Its Use, for NiGiNan Housing Ventures, November 2005
  • St. Isidore Community Plan, A strategic economic and social development plan for the community. November 2003
  • Mortgage Backed Bonds, A model for community based financing for affordable housing and green loan financing, August 2003
  • Risk Management for Federal Co-operative Housing Programs, A Model for the Administering Agency, for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada under contract to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, October 2002
  • Edmonton Community Plan on Homelessness, for the Edmonton Joint Planning Committee, in conjunction with Tom Forgrave and Rick Beaupre. 2000
  • A Plan for the Development of a Long Term Strategy for Low Income and Special Needs Housing, for the City of Edmonton, in conjunction with Tom Forgrave and Don Moulds, 1999
  • Supply and Demand Update on Affordable Housing for Low-Income and Special Needs Households, in conjunction with the Working Group of the Edmonton Joint Planning Committee on Housing, 1998
  • Land for Our Future, 1995; Canadian Housing & Renewal Corporation, sponsored by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 1995
  • External Environmental Scan for the Co-operative Housing Foundation of Canada, 1994
  • Land Trust for Non-Profit Continuing Housing Co-operatives for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 1985.
  • Strata Title Co-operative Model - the development & refinement of the conceptual model as well as the legal framework; internal, 1990/92.
  • Homelessness in Edmonton in conjunction with the Edmonton Coalition on Homelessness, 1987.
  • Housing for Disabled Persons - Options, Problems, and Possibilities in Two Studies of Housing For People with Disabilities, for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 1982.
  • Therapeutic Programme for Rehabilitation Services Alberta Hospital, Edmonton for Larrie Taylor Architect Ltd., 1980/81.
  • Ways of Using Excess School Space for the Edmonton Separate School District No. 7 and Alberta Education, 1980/81.